What We Offer

Teensplosion is an extension of Kidsplosion, providing further opportunities for career development, self awareness, and preparation for adulthood. Featured options within Teeensplosion include Job placement, career interest mentors, business development, creative courses, travel opportunities, and of course FUN!

Job Placement- Before heading into the job force it is important to gain hands on experience, preparing teens for the real world. Offering partnerships with local businesses, teens have several options of where they can obtain experience. This program takes place during summer season. 

Self Awareness- Teen years are vital for having a full understanding of self and worth! We pride ourselves of confirming that our teens (and kids) can do ANYthing, Be ANYthing, are a AMAZING assets to the world! There is no misunderstandings of true value, when any child or teen comes through our programs!

Creative Courses- Kidsplosion is designed to Discover, Develop, and Display gifts and abilities, and as our children grow into teens, this still applies!  Offering oodles of creative options, teens embrace their skills and interests further as their maturity allows for deeper appreciation and understanding of all course material. 

Career Interest Mentors- Whatever career goals our teens have, should be supplemented with experienced mentors in those fields! Mentors are designated on a seasonal basis. 

Business Development- No adult can function on planet earth without having a solid, clear understand of money and how it can work for you. From banking to investments and everything in between, Teensplosion's KPSBusiness101 is offered to every Teenplosion member!

Travel Opportunities- Kidsplosion is now all over the world. It is important for teens to learn and serve as they grow into functioning adults. Every Teensplosion member will recieve emailed updates on all travel opportunites, many of which are free!

FUN- It is scientifically impossible to NOT have fun with us!!

Teensplosion Memberships are now available at all 2019 camp locations! Please inquire for pricing and services in your local area!